MaTourA: Multi-agent Tourist Advisor

Halatsis, Constantin ; Stamatopoulos, Panagiotis ; Karali, Isambo ; Mourlas, Constantin ; Gouscos, Dimitris ; Margaritis, Dimitris ; Fouskakis, Constantin ; Kolokouris, Angelos ; Xinos, Panagiotis ; Veron, Andre ; Schuerman, Kees ; Li, Liang-Liang (1994)

Book chapter

MaTourA is a tourist advisory system about Greece that is being implemented in the parallel constraint logic programming language ElipSys. The purpose of MaTourA is to facilitate the work carried out in travel agencies by providing an interactive way to construct personalized tours, select predefined package tours and handle the underlying touristic information. The system has been designed as a set of high-level interacting agents. In this direction, the ElipSys language was extended with the appropriate features to support the development of multi-agent systems.

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