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  • Asset Growth and Firm Performance Evidence from Greece 

    Maggina, Anastasia; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (2012)
    This study provides evidence drawn from publicly traded companies in Greece on the predictability of assets growth with respect to firm performance. We employ discriminant analysis and a logit specification to test our ...

  • Communication, a managerial myth 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (1978-08)
    Comunication is onc of the most widely used and least understood concepts current among managerof modern corporations.

  • Communication: panacea or pain in the neck? 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (1978)
    This article analyzes whether communication can solve all management problems. With the rapid technological developments in methods of communication, corporate managers have become more increasingly dependent on electronic ...

  • The Debt Dilemma of Developing Nations: Issues and Cases 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Wiley, 1985)
    In the Debt Dilemma of Developing Nations, Chris Carvounis provides an insightful overview of the external debt problems currentrly plaguing a number of developing countries. The book is neiher comprehensive in tits handling ...

  • Domestic and multinational determinants of foreign bank profits: The case of Greek banks operating abroad 

    Kosmidou, Kyriaki; Pasiouras, Fotios; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Elsevier, 2007)
    This paper examines the determinants of profits of Greek banks operating abroad by developing an integrated model that includes a set of determinants informed by the literature on the profitability of both multinational ...

  • An enquiry into the lease vs borrow decision of firms 

    Anastasiou, Thomas; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (European Scientific Institute, ESI., 2014-03)
    Greece has started to employ a new measure of financing with quite important success, especially over the last years, and this is the option of financial leasing. The measure has been decreed and put into effect quite ...

  • Factors influencing the profits and size of Greek banks operating abroad: a pooled time-series study 

    Kosmidou, Kyriaki; Pasiouras, Fotios; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Taylor & Francis, Ltd., 2005)
    This paper extends the literature on foreign banking by developing a model that attempts to explain the performance of Greek banks operating abroad using a balanced pooled time-series dataset. Five variables are drawn from ...

  • The Impact of Perceived Community Prosperity on Job Satisfaction of Black and White Workers 

    Milutinovitch, Yugoslav; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Academy of Management, 1976)
    Data collected from black and white workers in three organizations indicate that workers living in communities with different perceived levels of prosperity have different job satisfaction. A relatively less affluent ...

  • Inflationary Expectations And Stock-Bond Yield Differentials 

    Chen, Chuanyu E.; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Palgrave Macmillan Journals, 1980)
    Global inflationary trends have for many decades eroded the purchasing power of money and have become embodied in the structure of security yields. This article explores the uses of various data formats to represent ...

  • Leadership: demythologizing some concepts 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (1988)
    Leadership is a topic of almost universal fascination. Popular attention focuses on it because its overtones of success, power, and prestige are traditionally admired and pursued human goals; academic interest in it is ...

  • Management of time , a New Responsibility for Executives 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Bureau of Business Research, 1971)
    In the complex business environment that exists today, executive responsibility can no longer be allocated only to the limited traditional administrative resources: manpower, money, materials, and market behavior.

  • Market Reaction to IAS/IFRS: Evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange 

    Maggina, Anastasia; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (2011)
    The capital market effects of IAS/IFRS have been examined in the international literature and have indicated that the effects are significant. In the contrary, evidence drawn from the Athens Stock Exchange indicates that ...

  • Predicting Audit Opinions Evidence From The Athens Stock Exchange 

    Maggina, Anastasia; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Clute Institute, 2011)
    The purpose of this study is to provide evidence drawn from publicly traded companies in Greece as far as the predictability of going-concern opinions, and other business situations (problem companies, tax contingent ...

  • Predicting The Corporate Social Responsibility Of Listed Companies In Greece Using Market Variables 

    Maggina, Anastasia; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Clute Institute, 2012)
    This study primarily investigates differences in the market variables of companies that show corporate social responsibility (CSR) compared with those that do not. We also examine whether predictions of CSR can be ...

  • Taxation and Bank Efficiency: Cross-Country Evidence 

    Gaganis, Chrysovalantis; Pasiouras, Fotios; Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Taylor & Francis, Ltd., 2013)
    This paper investigates the relationship between the effective tax rate on bank income and bank profit efficiency. Our sample consists of 3,472 observations from 533 publicly quoted commercial banks operating in 46 countries ...

  • Βασικές αρχές του marketing. 1ος τ. 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Αφοί Κυριακίδη, 2012)
    Το βιβλίο αυτό είναι μια νέα και βελτιωμένη έκδοση του αρχικού μου βιβλίου, "Βασικές Αρχές του Μάρκετινγκ", του 1980.

  • Βασικές αρχές του μάρκετινγκ 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Αφοί Κυριακίδη, 2005)
    Η εκδοση αυτη αποτελει επιλογη των βασικων εννοιων των κεφαλαιων πoυ nαρουσιαστηκαν αρχικα στους δύο τόμους των βιβλιων "Βασικες αρχες του Μαρκετινγκ ". Η επιλογη αυτη υπαγορευτηκε κυριως απα τις διδακτικες αναγκες των ...

  • Βασικές αρχές του μαρκετινγκ. 2ος τ. 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Αφοί Κυριακίδη, 2010)
    Η αύξηση της ανταγωνιστικότητας και οι νέες συνθήκες ζωής έδωσαν νέα ώθηση και πρωταρχικό ρόλο στο Μάρκετινγκ για την δημιουργία και προώθηση νέων προιόντων ή υπηρεσιών. Αυτή η διαπίστωση είναι το συμπέρασμα έρευνας που ...

  • Εισαγωγή στην επιχειρησιακή έρευνα για τη λήψη επιχειρηματικών αποφάσεων. Γραμμικός προγραμματισμός I 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Αδελφοί Κυριακίδη Α.Ε., 1980)
    Η εισαγωγή στην επιχειρησιακή έρευνα - Γραμμικός προγραμματισμός αποτελεί μερική έκδοση των σημειώσεων των παραδόσεων μου, στο τέταρτο έτος του οικονομικού τμηματος της σχολής ΝΟΕ, στο μάθημα ''Θεωρία επιχειρηματικών ...

  • Εισαγωγή στην οικονομική των επιχειρήσεων 

    Tsaklanganos, Angelos (Αφοί Κυριακίδη, 2005)
    Η παρούσα έκδοση της «Εισαγωγής στην Oικονομική των Eπιχειρήσεων» είναι βελτιωμένη και περιλαμβάνει νέα σύγχρονα θέματα που είναι απολύτως απαραίτητα για τους φοιτητές. Μερικά από τα θέματα αυτά είναι τα εξής: 1. Η ...