Generalized Setting Equations for the Memory Elements of Sequential Machines -Self-Independence Criteria

Philokyprou, G. ; Gaitanis, N. ; Halatsis, Constantin (1976-10)


This ~Bper is concerned vith a foimal derivation of generalized se~ting (exeitation) equations of the tlip-tlop memory elements of a sequential mac~ine,Tte equations are expressed in terms ot four normalized transition functions of the state variables Yi correspondinG to the 0-+0, 0+1, 1-+0, 1-1 respectively. Delay, T, S-R, and J-K flip-flops areconsidered, The introduction of the r. o ~mali~ed transition functions facilitates the derivation of the setting equations ot the memory elements of any particular sequential machine directly from its encoded state table, in contrast to other methods vhich derive the setting equations by inspection of one or more maps (Phister 1958,Marcus 1968).

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