Simulation of a Horizontal Bit-Slice Processor The MICE Experience

Van Dam, A. ; Barbacci, M. ; Halatsis, Constantin ; Joosten, J. ; Letheren, M. (1981-07)


The microprogrammed filter engine (MICE) is a fast, microprogrammable processor built with ECL bit slices (Motorola ECL 10800 series) intended primarily to be used as an on-line data filtering engine for high energy physics experiments. In this note we describe the use of a hardware description language used to model and simulate the hardware during its development. We treat the problem of describing a pipelined, horizontal (112 bits wide) host machine, implemented using bit slices with considerable potential for parallelism. Several levels of modeling are conceptually applicable to a problem of this nature and the note describes the thorough process followed before we decided on a particular style of description and simulation.

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