Modular Design of Totally Self-Checking Checkers for 1-Out-of-N Codes

Efstathiou, C. ; Halatsis, Constantin (1984)

Book chapter

This paper presents modular design methods of totally self-checking checkers (TSCCs) for 1-out-of-n (1/n) codes. In a modular method a number of 1-out-of-niTSCCs of lower rank are used to build a larger 1/n TSCC (ni<n, n>6). Two modular design procedures are developed. The elementary modular design procedure in which the 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 TSCCs are used as modules to build any 1/n TSCC (n≥7), and the optimal modular design procedure, in which the problem of the most efficient decomposition of the 1/n TSCCs into arbitrary 1/ni TSCCs of lower rank is investigated.

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