e-Learning Issues under an Affective Perspective

Leontidis, Makis ; Halatsis, Constantin ; Grigoriadou, Maria (2008)

Book chapter

The aim of this paper is to present an Affective Educational Module for distance learning which is called MENTOR. MENTOR constitutes of three main components, the Emotional Component, the Teacher Component and the Visualization Component and its main purpose is to motivate appropriately the student in order to accomplish his learning goals. The basic concern of MENTOR is to retain the student’s emotional state positive during the learning process. To achieve this, it recognizes the emotions of the students and takes them under consideration to provide them with the suitable learning strategy. This kind of strategy is based both on the cognitive abilities and the affective preferences of the student and is stored in the student’s model. The student model supplies the educational system with necessary information with the aim to adapt itself successfully to the student’s needs.

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