PETINA : PErsonalized Tourist INformation Advisor

Halatsis, Constantin ; Katzouraki, Maria ; Hatzopoulos, Michael ; Stamatopoulos, Panagiotis ; Karali, Isambo ; Mourlas, Costas ; Gergatsoulis, Manolis ; Pelecanos, Evangelos (1991)


PETINA is a PErsonalized Tourist INformation Advisor system about Greece aiming to help tourists to construct tours satisfying specied constraints. PETINA is going to be implemented in the ElipSys language, a parallel logic programming language under development. As it tries to solve a combinatorial searching problem, various ElipSys features, such as data-parallelism, data driven computation and constraint satisfaction techniques, can be exploited eciently. Moreover, as it consults a large database containing tourist data, the external database connection facility of ElipSys is exploitable as well.

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