Creating an Ontology for the User Profile: Method and Applications

Golemati, Maria ; Katifori, Akrivi ; Vassilakis, Costas ; Lepouras, George ; Halatsis, Constantin (2007)

Working Paper

User profiling is commonly employed nowadays to enhance usability as well as to support personalization, adaptivity and other user-centric features. Insofar, application designers model user profiles mainly in an ad-hoc manner, hindering thus application interoperability at the user profile level, increasing the amount of work to be done and the possibility of errors or omissions in the profile model. This work aims at creating a user profile ontology that incorporates concepts and properties used to model the user profile. Existing literature, applications and ontologies related to the domain of user context and profiling have been taken into account in order to create a general, comprehensive and extensible user model. This ontology can be used as a reference model, in order to alleviate the aforementioned issues. The model, available for download, is exemplified through its application in two different areas, personal information management and adaptive visualization.

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