Using an Ontological Approach to Support the Student Affectively

Leontidis, Makis ; Halatsis, Constantin ; Grigoriadou, Maria ; Vazouras, Spyros (2009-06-22)

Book chapter

This paper is presenting a framework for the support of the student’s actions in an affective way during the learning process. The proposed framework makes use of an ontological approach in combination with the Bayesian Network model in order to provide the student with the suitable affective guidance. The development of an affective Ontology serves as a basis for the formal representation of emotions and contributes to their efficient management through an Affective Module. This Affective Module is integrated in a Web-Based Adaptive Educational System which is named MENTOR, to support personalized distance learning. The foremost and endmost goal of MENTOR is to provide the student with a more personalized and friendly environment for learning, according to his personality, mood and emotions.

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