Optimal Periodic Testing of Intermittent Faults In Embedded Pipelined Processor Applications

Kranitis, N. ; Merentitis, A. ; Laoutaris, N. ; Theodorou, G. ; Paschalis, A. ; Gizopoulos, D. ; Halatsis, Constantin (2006)

Working Paper

Today's nanometer technology trends have a very negative impact on the reliability of semiconductor products. Intermittent faults constitute the largest part of reliability failures that are manifested in the field during the semiconductor product operation. Since software-based self-test (SBST) has been proposed as an effective strategy for on-line testing of processors integrated in non-safety critical low-cost embedded system applications, optimal test period specification is becoming increasingly challenging. In this paper we first introduce a reliability analysis for optimal periodic testing of intermittent faults that minimizes the test cost incurred based on a two-state Markov model for the probabilistic modeling of intermittent faults. Then, we present for the first time an enhanced SBST strategy for on-line testing of complex pipelined embedded processors. Finally, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed optimal periodic SBST strategy by applying it to a fully-pipelined RISC embedded processor and providing experimental results

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