A Multimedia Title Development Environment (MTDE)

Tsalgatidou, Aphrodite ; Halatsis, Constantin ; Spiliopoulou, Myra ; Hatzopoulos, Michael (1995-02)

The development of Multimedia Titles (M-Titles), i.e. multimedia applications stored on CDs, is performed by many designers and implementors using tools which run on specific platforms and often have complementary and/or overlapping functionality. The potential designer or implementor of a M-Title is restricted by the availability of tools on a selected development platform. This paper presents a Multimedia Title Development Environment (MTDE) which integrates multimedia information, tools used to produce it, as well as their formats and storage media as objects in an Asset Repository. The cooperative construction of complex multimedia objects is modelled as a DAG consisting of two types of nodes: multimedia objects and actions applied to multimedia objects. A M-Title consists of a number of complex multimedia objects linked with each other in a hypernetwork of relationships. MTDE enables a group of authors to cooperatively construct M-Titles as a hypernetwork of multimedia nodes by activating tools running on various platforms, by exploiting the hypermedia functionality of MTDE and by reusing existing material from the Asset Repository

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