Inferring Learner's Emotions Adopting an Ontological Approach.

Leontidis, Makis ; Halatsis, Constantin (2009-01)

Working Paper

The aim of this paper is to present a method to elicit learner's emotions during the learning process making use of an ontology. The elicitation of emotions is based on a formal representation of emotions using an appropriate designed ontology and it is achieved by a combinational probabilistic machine learning method. The development of this ontology serves not only as a basis for the formal representation of emotions but also contributes to then-efficient management in an Affective Module. The Affective Module is integrated in a Web-Based Adaptive Educational System which is named MENTOR and supports personalized distance learning. The foremost and endmost goal of MENTOR is to provide the learner with a more personalized and friendly environment for learning, according to his personality, mood and emotions.