Constructing An Affective Path To Support Learners In A Distance Learning Environment

Leontidis, Makis ; Halatsis, Constantin (2009-07)

Book chapter

This paper presents an ontology-based method for the selection of the suitable sequence of affective tactics in the context of MENTOR. MENTOR is a Web-based Adaptive Educational Environment where the learner’s needs and preferences are supported using an ontology-based approach during the learning process. Firstly, the proposed method uses an ontology in order to store in the Learner Affective Model (LAM) the learner’s Affective Knowledge. Then, based on this ontology an appropriate learning path through the educational material of the MENTOR is constructing. This path is called affective learning path because it is formatted by a set of suitable affective tactics. In this way we form a schema where the Affective Information can be represented efficiently and exploited properly in order to maintain the efforts of the learner.