An Input Vector Monitoring Concurrent BIST Architecture Based on a Precomputed Test Set

Voyiatzis, Ioannis ; Paschalis, Antonis ; Gizopoulos, Dimitris ; Halatsis, Constantin (2008)


Built-In Self-Test (BIST) techniques constitute an effective and practical approach for VLSI circuits testing. BIST schemes are typically classified into two categories: off-line and on-line. Input vector monitoring concurrent BIST schemes are a class of on-line techniques that circumvent the problems appearing separately in on-line and in off-line BIST. The utilization of input vector monitoring concurrent BIST techniques provides the capability to perform testing at different stages, manufacturing, periodic off-line and concurrent online. The input vector monitoring concurrent BIST schemes proposed so far have targeted either exhaustive or pseudorandom testing separately. In this paper a novel input vector monitoring concurrent BIST scheme based on a pre-computed test set is presented. The proposed scheme can perform both concurrent on-line and off-line testing; therefore it can be equally well utilized for manufacturing and concurrent on-line testing in the field. The applicability of the scheme is validated with respect to the hardware overhead and the time required for completion of the test in benchmark circuits. To the best of our knowledge, the proposed scheme is the first to be presented in the open literature based on a pre-computed test set that can perform both concurrent on line and off-line testing.

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