Prospects of data flow computing in high energy physics

Halatsis, Constantin ; Philokyprou, G. ; Catharinus, Verkerk (1983-09)

Technical Report

The computing needs in different areas of hight energy physics have risen beyond the point where the conventional computer system can cope. In the area of data taking, specialized processing systems have been designed and used and new systems are under construction in many laboratories. These systems are either quite novel designs or designs based on existing off the shelf microprocessors forming a specialized system. In the area of QCD calculations it is already of today cannot produce meaningful results in reasonable time. There are actually reports in the literature about special systems that are now being designed which aim at providing the computing power needed for these calculations. In the area of off-line event processing it is well known that in order to process the data of the experiments that are now in preparation one has to multiply by a substantial factor the computing power of the existing computer installations. A similar situation exists in a number of other areas of scientific computing like weather forecasting, aerodynamics, plasma physics, geophysics, astrophysics, signal processing etc.

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