An integrated and customisable support system for building hypermedia training applications

Tsalgatidou, Aphrodite ; Palaskas, Zissis ; Halatsis, Constantin ; Hatzopoulos, Michael (1994)

Working Paper

The multimedia platforms which are currently available are not suitable for the development of hypermedia training applications because they lack features dedicated to support the specific task of training. HTAS is an integrated and customisable support system for building and executing hypermedia training applications. by adopting the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) methodology [14] and the Hypertext Design Model HDM [9]. This system also provides a set of tools which support the construction of a generic application schema and a schema instance which defines a particular application. An innovative feature of HTAS is the customisation of the individual courses according to the individual trainees’ profiles using appropriate knowledge based tools. Distance learning support is also provided by HTAS.

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