Efficient modular design of TSC checkers for m-out-of-2m codes

Paschalis, A. M. ; Nikolos, D. ; Halatsis, Constantin (1988-03)


A design method of totally self-checking (TSC) m-out-of-2 m code checkers is presented. The design is composed basically of two full-adder/half-adder trees, each summing up the ones received on m input lines, and a k-variable two-pair two-rail code tree that compares the outputs of the two-adder tree. The only modules used are full-adders, half-adders, and two-variable TSC two-rail code checkers. This method is well suited for VLSI MOS implementation and, compared to previous methods, it results in significant circuit cost reduction and smaller test set, without sacrificing performance. Also, the proposed design has the advantages of a modular design

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