Mice, a fast user-microprogrammable emulator of the PDP-11

Blanc, Antonioz J. ; Halatsis, Constantin ; Joosten, J. ; Letheren, M.F. ; Van Dam, A. ; Praag van, A. ; Verkerk, C. (1980)

Report number CERN-DD-80-14

Technical Report

A fast processor is described which emulates a large part of the POP 11 instruction set and which is also user-microprogrammable. It is intended for on-line filter applications, when decision times in excess of 100 microseconds are adequate. The machine runs POP 11 code three times faster than a POP 11/70 with 100% cache hits and can be equipped with interfaces to read-out systems with speeds of approximately 100 ns per data word.

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