Social Networking Sites: The New Era of Effective Online Marketing and Advertising

Papademetriou, Christos ; Masouras, Andreas ; Ioannou, Avgoustinos (2020-03-10)


This study sought to investigate the impact of social network advertisements on providing actual information about products. Moreover, it also explored the effectiveness of online advertising in reaching out to consumers. This study was carried out using quantitative method and an online survey of 202 users of social networks, was conducted. This study has concluded that social network platforms, particularly YouTube, are very effective tools for companies to reach out the masses at a rapid pace with high cost advantage. In this work it has been found that in social media marketing, the persuasion and the valuation of the brands are indirectly but positively related to influence the consumer motivation and intention to buy. The higher the brand value, the greater the purchase intention, similarly, the greater the commercial persuasion. The higher is the purchase intention, the higher the advertising on social networks, the greater the purchase intention. The greater the advertising on social networks, the greater the valuation of the brands.

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