The Collapse of Cooperative Movement and its impact in the communities of rural areas

Christodoulou, Costas (2022)


The specific thesis intents to highlight the significant role of the cooperative movement in Cyprus society and especially in rural areas. The COOP movement as an institutional enterprise was important and played a significant role in economic development and prosperity of Cyprus rural areas for at least a century. In this manner, through this research the researcher will try to present to the readers how the lifestyle of the citizens of the rural affected after the collapse of the cooperative movement. The citizens of the rural areas were considered the most important variable during the first operational steps of the co-operative movements, where citizens were struggling to get rid of usury which was widely practiced in Cyprus especially during the pre-independence period, and especially before the strengthening of the cooperative movement. Therefore, the collapse of Cooperative Movement, it is a matter that had a significant consequence in the Cyprus society & especially rural areas. Most specifically the COOP movement, an institutional social enterprise that was important which played a significant role in economic development & prosperity of Cypriot rural areas for at least a century. In this logic the goal of the specific research research is to further research the social & economic impact of the aforementioned matter. Moreover, the thesis aims for more research on how rural citizens lifestyle affected after the collapse of the social enterprises and especially of cooperative movement. Additionally, the thesis refers to the methodology, the research design and the aims and objectives of the specific research, in a way that responds to the research aim. In addition, the thesis outlines the significant of literature review in regards the research scope and points out the nature and the topics of the literature review resources, before proceeding to discussion.