Brand as a Strategic Asset for Cultural Organisations: A Proposal for the Forthcoming Cultural Institution of Pafos

Sophocleous, Harry Ph. ; Masouras, Andreas ; Papademetriou, Christos (2019-05-29)

Book chapter

Cultural organizations nowadays open up to be more outgoing, a fact that forces them to adopt marketing and consequently to brand themselves in order to gain ground and be capable of accomplishing their mission to the society. In this manner the paper outlines how, branding acts as a benefit to the function and the mission of a cultural organization. Accordingly, the paper examines the notion of branding as a strategic asset for a forthcoming cultural organization in Pafos, Cyprus, by inspecting the given situation and by proposes research and further steps. More specifically, the paper evaluates the assets and the branding inheritance of the forthcoming body, as they derive from the merge of the local cultural infrastructure of the town and suggests ways on how to establish a brand that will add the value of the organization. In this manner, the paper stresses the synergies may emerge, and discusses the managerial implications and the limitations rise mainly by the unspecified instructional framework and the lack specific order and authority.

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