How mobile branding, affects the purchase decision of customers on Pafos’ market. An investigation of the power and influence that mobile branding has on customers’ choice

Papandreou, Rafaella (2014)


Every time a consumer decides to purchase a mobile phone takes into consideration various factors that are crucial for his/her choice. Nowadays, with evolution in technology and globalization is easy for consumers to be informed well before they decide to buy a mobile phone. The current study was carried out in the city of Pafos, in Cyprus. Pafos’ market even if it is a small market, can indicate a lot about mobile commerce and citizens’ purchase decisions of mobile phones. Internal and external factors can influence a purchase decision of a mobile phone. The purpose of this survey was to find out if mobile branding is the only factor which influences customers’ purchase decisions on mobile phones in Pafos market. Research for this survey included a literature review on the theoretical aspect of key words at first and then on use of qualitative research method. With qualitative research method, the impact and power of mobile branding on customers’ decisions was examined. Participants’ answers and comments were beneficial to make recommendations and suggestions regarding mobile branding and its impact on customers’ purchase decisions.