Globalization and profits in the Balkans

Athanasopoulos, Constantinos GE. (2006)


Greek private direct investments in Balkan countries carry a special weight because, on the one hand, the country of origin of the capital invested is a member of the European Union and, on the other, it is a neigh boring country and those involved are well aware of the business ethics prevailing on both sides. Furthermore. the existing historical bonds between Greece and the other Balkan countries, combined with the large number of immigrants from the latter to the former, contribute to the better understanding and collaboration of all concerned. One should take into account, though, that this type of Greek investment - up to now and to a considerable degree - has in its favor the lack of any great interest or of the difficulties other countries encounter when attempting to financially «infiltrate» the wider area of the Balkan Peninsula. At the same time, Greek laws and regulations concerning Greek investments abroad are considered «reasonable», although some of those involved wish that they would comprise more types of subsidized ventures, such as the acquisition of existing businesses in the host countries.

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