Morphogenesis and Management: Some Implications

Makridakis, Spyros ; Faucheaux, C. (1978)


The main purpose of the paper will be to look at the influence of a change in perspective (namely, getting away from the input/output model) on social systems. in general, and management ones, more specifically. The implications of this change are of a critical nature for organizational design, decision-making. control and strategy. In particular. the paper will argue that the concept of the identity and wholeness of a system is central for understanding (a) how an organization can properly read its environment; (b) how firms can grow either according to a conglomerate pattern (low identity) or according to a synergetic pattern (high identity); (c) how a strategy policy can be either responsive or roactive; (d) a number of other organizational matters. The central concept of the argument will be that depending on the level of identity formation and wholeness within an organization. the behaviour of the organization will either fluctuate as a cork on turbulent waters--with a low capacity to cope with ito-or will be able to maintain a certain degree of invariance within itself. The latter will enable the organization to be moderately affected by short-term isturbances in order to better cope with. adapt to and take advantage of long-term trends within the environment.

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