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  • Moralia in the Lives 

    Papadi, Diotima (Waltert de Gruyter, 2008)
    One tends to look into the Moralia for examples of Plutarch’s views on poetry, or his uses of theatrical language. There is indeed quite a big amount of quotations from tragic poets, and Plutarch comments on them developing ...

  • Plutarch on poetry 

    Papadi, Diotima (Cambridge University Press, 2013)
    The topic is a very challenging and attractive one for scholarship of all ages, namely how readers, in this case young readers, should respond to and understand poetry, and most importantly, how to use poetry in their ...

  • Theatricality and dramatic vocabulary in Plutarch's Moralia 

    Papadi, Diotima (2005)
    Theatre and drama deserve a special place among the various influences on Plutarch, since the theatre has a double impact. Its capacity to both offer good teaching material in its substance and good literary models makes ...