Home Nursing in Cyprus

Kouta, Christiana ; Kaite, Charis P. (2016)


Aging demographic changes suggest an increased demand on health and social services and elderly people prefer to be in their own homes and communities. The majority of elderly people prefer to stay at home for any form of care and home care nursing can undoubtedly meet this need, aiming to improve their quality of life. This chapter reviews the international literature on home nursing care of the elderly and examines the current status of home care in Cyprus. The chapter is based on a 3-year study on the evaluation of home care nursing in Cyprus in relation to the elderly. The study used quantitative and qualitative methodology; and in particular, 100 individual in-depth interviews with participants, two focus groups with home care nurses, and six in-depth individual interviews with key informants were done. Findings showed that the majority of the participants were satisfied with care provided but expressed the need for more continuity of and frequent care. Policy makers, organizations for older people, and the Ministry of Health are recommended to improve their collaboration and coordination aiming for a better integration of Health and Social Care Services in order to meet the needs of the elderly and improve the quality of their care. Home care nursing promotes independency of the elderly person, in a setting that is warm and familiar to the client, aiming to increase its quality of life and care.

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