A review of the factors affecting the course and outcome of the treatment of substance use disorders.

Flora, Katerina (2018)


This article presents the findings from a systematic review of the literature on the factors that contribute to the treatment efficacy of substance use disorders. The introduction includes a clarifications of the terms factors, mediators and predictors, which are the most commonly used ones in research studies, as well as a description of the challenges faced in the context of this review. With regard to methodology, factors affecting addiction treatment have been looked for in the PsycInfo and MedInfo databases. The results suggested a variety of studies, which have been classified according to their focus on studies that put an emphasis on: a) treatment (psychological, personal) factors, b) factors related to the treatment process, c) various treatment methods, d) other factors, e.g. social factors and e) factors related to the system level (e.g. health care system). The results are discussed based on the combination of these factors with each other and clinical experience.

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