Consumers’ perceptions toward E-Service Quality, Perceived Value, Purchase and Loyalty Intentions

Anastasiadou, Sofia D. ; Papadaki, Zafeiria (2018)

Working Paper

Purpose: Customers’ Perceptions and Attitudes are significant aspects of consumer behavior for Marketing. Such perceptions and attitudes are measured as advantages, carrying special weight for the company. Furthermore they shape beliefs strongly relating to the Service Quality, while maximizing the magnitude of customer satisfaction. This paper will explore customer behavior in the light of customers’ intentions towards E-Service Quality, Perceived Value, Purchase and Loyalty Intentions, with the view to provide information and feedback to enterprises. Methodology: To test the research hypotheses, a survey was carried out on 302 Greek customers of 85 Greek e-shops. The data of the survey were analysed using the Implicative Statistical Analysis technique. The Similarity Diagram and the Implicative Diagram were utilized to interpret the data. The instrument used to measure customers’ Loyalty in relation to E-Service Quality, is E-S-QUAL, while that measuring their perception vis-a-vis the Web Site’s Performance is E-RecS-QUAL. Their attitudes with regard to Perceived Value and Loyalty Intentions were measured utilizing four 4- and five 5-point likert scale questions. And Overall Perceived Quality is measured by one 5-point likert scale question. In addition, Customer Satisfaction is measured by one 5-point likert scale question. Findings: The results of the study demonstrate that all four dimensions of customers’ E-Service Quality, namely Efficiency, Fulfillment, System Availability and Privacy do not affect Perceived Value as well as Purchase and Loyalty Intentions. In addition dimensions relating to the Web Site’s Performance, namely Responsiveness, Compensation and Contact do not have a direct effect on Overall E-Service Quality. Research Limitations/Implication: The paper calls for more research on how customers influence e-service quality and satisfaction for a Web Site’s Performance and Web based services. Originality/value: The paper expands existing literature, focusing on e-shopping, while using a multi-dimensional construct to measure customers’ perceptions.

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