Evaluating citizens’ actual perceptions and expectations and assessing e-Service Quality Gap in Public Sector related to e-Government Services

Anastasiadis, Lazaros ; Christoforidis, Christos (2018)

Working Paper

Purpose - The main purpose of this article is to explore the inter-relationships of major constructs related to citizens’ satisfaction regarding e-Service Quality in Public Sector. The plan of the document is to evaluate the e-Service Quality in Public Sector of Greece. The paper examines the relationship or the Gap between the perceived and expected levels of e-Service Quality in public sector with respect to its dimensions, namely Tangibility related to Web site design, Reliability, Responsiveness, Security and Confidentiality and Personal Handling or Personalization and Privacy. Design/ Methodology/ Approach- The study intends to disclose the sources supporting the satisfaction of citizens as well as those holding back it. The instrument employed to assess citizens’ satisfaction regarding e-Service Quality in Public sector related to e-Government Services, is the SEVQUAL. Findings- The research findings draw our attention to the significant effects of Web site design/Tangibility, Reliability, Responsiveness, Security/Confidentiality, and Personalization/Privacy on service quality related to Public Sector related to e-Government Services. Adding, it places of interest citizens’ negative attitudes and obstacles or positive behaviors toward e-Government Services. Research limitations/ implications- The study was refereeing to Greek public sector citizens’ satisfaction related to e-Government Services. Future research could supply new empirical results in relation to the current new high tech area. Originality/ value- The document adds a total new situation’ presentation, e-Service Quality Gap in public sector related to e-Government Services.

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