Studying the behavior of Algerian Internet users towards brands

Abbacci, Ayoub (2019-11)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Competitiveness – IJEIC


This paper examines the interest shown by Algerian Internet users to follow brands on Internet. The evolution of uses and the interactivity brought to Internet users with Web 2.0 have made it possible for information to spread rapidly in favor or against the company, which is why there is an increasing emphasis in marketing on the importance of e-reputation. This reality has forced companies today to be present on the Web through institutional, community or event web sites as well as through social Medias in order to ensure a wide marketing watch on Internet. Through a survey intended for a sample of 1000 Algerian Internet users, we studied the interest granted by Algerian consumers to opinions, comments and content related to their brands. We therefore concluded that even if the majority of Algerian Internet users very often use social Medias, there is only a minority who constantly follow of their brands. However, most of these Internet users tend to be influenced by opinions and news about companies and their products