Emotional Intelligence Influences on Consumers Consumer Behavior

Anastasiadis, Lazaros (2020-02)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Competitiveness – IJEIC


For Marketing Customer Emotional Intelligence (EI) influences are significant aspects for consumer behavior. In addition the impact of EI on decision making is noteworthy. The main objective is to recognise patterns among EI and consumers’ loyalty, commitment and satisfaction. EI is measure with respect to TEIQue-SF instrument. Well-being Self-control, Emotionality, Sociability and General Items of EI subscales are related to TEIQue-SF instrument. These subscales were measured by 30 items, rated on a seven-point Likert format, ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree). To test the research questions and hypotheses, a survey will be conducted using Greek customers of Greek e-shops. The results showed that EI is a Prediction of Consumer Decision Making of a major importance.