Students’ attitudes towards the subject of entrepreneurship in education

Zirinoglou, Poulcheria A. (2020-02)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Competitiveness – IJEIC


Entrepreneurship is frequently supplementary with the establishment of new businesses, and the creators of new businesses are so so-called ‘entrepreneurs’. Higher education institutions are required to establish the ways in which they respond to the social and economic needs of society sealing for development of quality, entrepreneurship and innovation. The main aim of this paper is to investigate students’ attitudes towards the subject of entrepreneurship in education. The study focuses on students’ outlooks as they relate to Students Attitudes toward Entrepreneurship Courses (SATEC) scale. SATEC scale. The instrument is SATEC scale consists of eight dimensions named Affect, Cognitive Competence, Understanding, Effort, Interest, Difficulty, Value and knowledge and 45 attributes/ items. The sample comprised of 245 interviewees from the department of Business administration in the University of Macedonia, of whom 16 were men and 229 were women. The results reveal either natural or positive attitudes for all 45 attributes.