Quality assessment in Greek Tertiary Education using Gap Analysis

Anastasiadou, Sofia ; Zirinoglou, Poulcheria A. (2020-02)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Competitiveness – IJEIC


The study focuses on the gaps between students’ expectations and perceptions as they relate to SERVQUAL dimensions. More specifically it focuses on Gap 5 that is the perception gap in Gap Analysis. The instrument, which intended to measure students’ satisfaction regarding their studies quality, is SEVQUAL consists of five dimensions named Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy and 25 attributes. The sample comprised of 202 interviewees from the department of Business administration in the University of Macedonia, of whom 127 were males and 75 were females. The results reveal a negative gap for all 25 attributes. Attribute referring to whether teaching materials are available and up-to-date (study programs, brochures, student guides, etc.) has the highest gap which is statistically significant. The results made known a negative gap for all five dimensions of SEVQUAL instrument. Among the dimensions, the highest gap was for Empathy, and the lowest was for Assurance. Additionally there was no significant relations between the gender and students’ perceptions as well as students’ expectations.