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The Body Appreciation Scale-2: Translation and Validation in the Greek Language

dc.contributor.authorArgyrides, Marios
dc.description.abstractThe psychometric properties of a Greek translation of the 10-item Body Appreciation Scale-2 (BAS-2) was examined. A total of 193 Greekspeaking female university students from Cyprus completed the BAS-2, along with measures of appearance satisfaction, investment in appearance, weight-related anxiety, self-esteem and body image quality of life. Principal-axis factor analysis indicated that the Greek version of the BAS-2 scores had a one-dimensional factor structure. A Confirmatory Factor Analysis confirmed the unidimesionality of the measure. Further analyses indicated that Greek BAS-2 scores evidenced internal consistency, test-retest reliability and convergent validity with the other variables of interest. These results suggest that the Greek version of the BAS-2 has adequate psychometric properties and can be used within the Greek-speaking populations.en_UK
dc.publisherThe European Journal of Counselling Psychologyen_UK
dc.subjectBody appreciationen_UK
dc.subjectPositive body imageen_UK
dc.subjectScale translationen_UK
dc.titleThe Body Appreciation Scale-2: Translation and Validation in the Greek Languageen_UK

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