Validation of the factor structure of the Greek adaptation of the Situational Inventory of Body-Image Dysphoria-Short Form (SIBID-S)

Argyrides, Marios ; Kkeli, Natalie (2015-01-29)


Purpose Body image is a psychological construct that refers to one’s perceptions, feelings, and thoughts towards one’s body and appearance. The intensity and frequency of dysphoric body-image emotions depend upon situational events (i.e., situations involving body exposure, social comparisons, wearing certain clothing, looking in the mirror, and so forth). The Situational Inventory of BodyImage Dysphoria-Short Form (SIBID-S; Cash, Manual for the situational inventory of body-image dysphoria, 2000) was originally developed to assess one’s negative bodyimage emotions in certain situational events. The current study aimed to confirm the factor structure and reliability of the newly translated Greek version of the SIBID-S. Methods Participants consisted of a convenient sample of 2664 high school students (1119 males, 1545 females) who answered the measures of interest. Results Results indicated that the original one-factor structure of the SIBID-S was retained and fitted very well with the original model for both males and females. In addition, the Greek version had satisfactory reliability and convergent validity coefficients. Gender differences were also noted. Conclusion The Greek SIBID-S has very good validity and reliability data and will serve as a useful measure of body-image dysphoria enabling research with the Greekspeaking population as well as cross-cultural research.

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