Body Image Differences Across the Life Span of Greek-Cypriot Women: An Investigation Examining Adolescence, Early and Middle Adulthood

Mousoulidou, Marilena ; Argyrides, Marios ; Ioannou, Charis (2019-03)


The current study aimed to examine possible differences among females in three age groups (adolescent, early and middle adulthood) on body-image-related variables, media influences and self-esteem. The relationships between these variables across the different agegroups were also examined as well as significant predictors of appearance satisfaction. The sample consisted of 458 females (155 adolescent girls, 218 women in early adulthood and 95 women in middle adulthood) who responded to the measures of interest. Results indicated significant differences among the age groups on self-esteem, appearance satisfaction and investment in appearance, weightrelated anxiety, internalization of the thin ideal and the perception of the media as a good source of information concerning beauty. There were also many similarities within the relationships of the variables across all age groups, whereas there were some differences as well. Results also indicated some common trends with regards to predictors of appearance satisfaction across the three age groups. The results of the current research offer important additional information concerning body image disturbances in Cyprus. This information can be used by Greek-Cypriot mental health professionals and researchers in developing prevention interventions in Cyprus, as well as other Mediterranean regions.

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