The Effects of a Yoga and Mindfulness Techniques Program on the Prosocial Behavior and the Emotional Regulation of Preschool Children: A Pilot Study

Reppa, Glykeria (2017)


Recent research shows the need for children to learn different ways to relax and to have emotional control in today’s society is necessary. The purpose of this present study was to research how a kids’ yoga program, enriched with mindfulness techniques, will positively influence prosocial behavior and the emotional regulation of preschool children. The trial involved 31 kindergarten students (n1 = 15 experimental group and n2 = 16 control group), from the province of Attiki. The experimental group attended a two 40-minute kid’s yoga lessons and mindfulness techniques every week for 10 weeks, supervised by a teacher specializing in kid’s yoga and mindfulness techniques. In calculating the dependent variable, the following methods were used, a semi-structured interview, a teacher rating social competence questionnaire, a sharing activity and a task of delayed gratification. The results showed that the experimental group had a steady improvement in prosocial behavior as well as a steady improvement in emotional regulation. This specific study, although it is a pilot, shows that new techniques (such as kids yoga and mindfulness techniques) can have a positive outcome in psychological child parameters, if they are introduced in the educational program.

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