The Effects of a New Program (balance & reform) On Trait Anxiety and Self- esteem: a Pilot Study

Reppa, Glykeria (2013)


Balance and Reform is a program that exercise the body, soul and mind is introduced. The program has four parts in every meeting: Pilates and yoga exercises, self-awareness techniques, drama and movement exercises and a visualizing. The purpose of the study is to search if this program has any effect on self-esteem and trait anxiety. A sample of 20 young women attended the program for one month. The STAI questionnaire for trait anxiety and the Rosenberg -esteem were used. The results showed that the levels of trait anxiety were statistically significant decreased (t (19) = 4.621, p 0.005, M1 = 46.8, M2= 35.40) and the levels of self-esteem were statistically significant increased (t (19) = 3.805, p 0.05, M1= 3.18, M2= 3.58). This study showed that the BR program had a good effect on anxiety and self-esteem. This was a pilot study. There should be more study on the effects of this program.

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