Requirements for a new LGBTI strategy: What should the new EU LGBTI Strategy cover from a legal point of view?

Tryfonidou, Alina (2020)


The proposed EU LGBTI strategy will need to revolve around the main axes on which the Commission’s List of Actions16 was based. The latter document did not lack breadth of coverage: it was comprehensive, with the proposed actions listed covering all policy areas relevant for LGBTI persons: non-discrimination, education, employment, health, free movement, asylum, hate speech/hate crime, enlargement and foreign policy. Nonetheless, it did lack in detail as for each policy area, only a limited number of measures were proposed, and those measures were described in an abstract manner. Accordingly, although the proposed strategy should cover the same areas as those enumerated in the Commission’s List of Actions, the list of measures suggested should be longer, more precise, and more ambitious.