Employment Opportunities for NEETs in Short-Term Rentals Operated Through Sharing Platforms: A Case Study Across Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus

Pissourios, Ioannis A. ; Anastasi, Natia R. ; Gialis, Stelios (2021)


The paper at hand explores whether short-term rentals (STRs), operated through sharing platforms, can provide employment opportunities to young people that are Not in Employment, Education and Training (NEETs) and whether such opportunities can comprise a realistic and viable solution to their unemployment. The focus is on low-skilled native women and migrants between 25-29 that live in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. Methodologically, the research is based on the analysis of questionnaires conducted with both NEETs and owners or managers of STRs. Our analysis reveals that only firms that own or manage a large number of properties are in position to offer solid employment opportunities. Owners with a limited number of properties are not in position to offer sustainable long-term employment, for two main reasons. First, the generated income is not significant enough to justify employing an individual through a full-time waged-contract or even on a part-time basis; Second, tasks that could potentially lead to employability of NEETs are either low skill positions therefore are outsourced to cheap service providers or require professionals with appropriate technical skills and certifications. In this context, the paper also discusses ways these obstacles to be surpassed.

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