Assessing test anxiety and resilience among Greek adolescents during COVID-19 pandemic

Sakka, Sofia ; Nikopoulou, Vasiliki Aliki ; Bonti, Eleni ; Tatsiopoulou, Paraskevi ; Karamouzi, Panayiota ; Giazkoulidou, Aikaterini ; Tsipropoulou, Virginia ; Parlapani, Eleni ; Holeva, Vasiliki ; Diakogiannis, Ioannis (2020)


The aim of the present study was to explore the impact of school year’s extension due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) by addressing test anxiety and by studying the coping strategies adolescents used to overcome it. For the majority of the adolescents the final exams can be a powerful source of stress, since the entrance examinations are required for admission into higher education and further reflect the transition to adulthood. The sample consisted of 67 High School students and the data collection was conducted online due to the imposed measures by the Greek government. Results showed normal or average levels of test anxiety with low self-esteem and fear of a family member contracting the virus identified as significant predictors. Students who participated in the research pointed teachers as the main source of pressure in school exams. Gender differences regarding social media engagement and online video gaming were also detected. Resilience was equally as high among genders [t(63) = 858, p =.324] and the correlation between test anxiety and resilience did not produce a statistically significant result (r = -.178, p = .155).

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