Polymorphous heterogeneity and episodes of violence in school community: educational implications for building a democratic school

Sofologi, Maria ; Markou, Euaggelia ; Kougioumtzis, Georgios ; Kamari, Afroditi ; Tsanidou, Anastasia ; Porfyri, Georgia-Nektaria ; Vavetsi, Sofia ; Giannoglou, Sofia ; Efstratopoulou, Maria ; Tsiviki, Eleni ; Bonti, Eleni ; Tachmatzidis, Dimitrios (2020)


The present article is an attempt to shed light on a plethora of research studies concerning bullying and acts of violence within school settings. Furthermore, a basic aim of the chapter is to present different facets of school bullying. The presentation and interpretation of different theoretical approaches and the connection with the pro ile of different fragile community members aims to gain an understanding of bullying and victimization. Social and cultural heterogeneity seems to reinforce intimidating forms of aggression. Furthermore, the article emphasizes on suggestions that deal with the root causes of aggression, abuse and violence to help schools prevent and deal with this serious issue and become the nurturing learning environments and democratic school that they should be.

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