Greek Adult Population with Specific Learning Disabilities: Epidemiology, Demographics and Gender Differences

Bampalou, Christina Ε. ; Kouimtzi, Eleni M. ; Bonti, Eleni ; Kyritsis, Zacharias (2020)


: The aim of this study was to collect information about demographic characteristics of a clinical sample of Greek adults with specific learning disabilities (SLD) who referred themselves for learning assessment in a State Certified Diagnostic Center. Greek adult population with SLD is under-researched and difficult to access. The sample comprised 132 Greek adults (66.7% males) meeting the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders criteria for SLD. Data were collected through self-report records and case records which included demographic information and learning assessments. Most of the participants came from urban areas and they were studying in post-secondary non-tertiary or in tertiary education. As regards the prevalence of the main types of SLD and their comorbidity our findings agree with international data. The demographic characteristics, such as educational level and employment status, are discussed within the Greek socio-cultural context.

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