Special Education: The implementation of a school-based intervention program in Elementary Εducation. An analysis of a case study report with Specific Learning Difficulties

Kougioumtzis, Georgios A. ; Kaliotsou, Isidora ; Sofologi, Maria ; Bonti, Eleni ; Fella, Argyro ; Papantoniou, Georgia (2021)

Book chapter

Over the past three decades, the interest of teachers and parents has focused on a variety of learning difficulties that students face in school settings. A significant number of students systematically fail in school, as they lack early detection of learning difficulties or effective intervention. This case study examines an elementary school student within a more general context, taking into account essential parameters such as family, school, and social environment. Furthermore, the authors thoroughly describe his difficulties in practical terms, as well as ways to address them through the implementation of an individual intervention program that responds to the needs of the student. Finally, reference is made to significant evidence that cooperation with parents as well as with a number of institutions strengthens and enhances intervention.

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