Numerical aspects of incremental dynamic analysis for the retrofitting of existing industrial steel building utilizing SSCD dampers

Bellos, John ; Bakas, Nikolaos ; Castiglioni, Carlo (2017)

Working Paper

In this work, the nonlinear analysis of an existing industrial steel structure (Sodium building), and its retrofitting using SSCD dampers is demonstrated. Specific numerical complications of incremental dynamic (IDA) and pushover analyses as well as their resolution are presented. In particular, the modelling of a flag shaped, self-centering steel device (SSCD) exhibiting re-centering and recovery, as well as it’s connection to the structural frames, the results of IDAs in comparison with the results of the Pushover analysis, the ability of IDA to capture nonlinear behavior for high accelerations where pushover stops, the optimal values of dampers stiffness and strength in order to maximize the energy dissipation within the structure, the comparison of the structural performance before and after retrofitting, as well as the association between the re-centering β-factor and capacity curves, are analytically demonstrated. Additionally, the effect of the variation of the dampers positions along building’s height as well as the effect of the damper to the capacity curves is discussed.

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