A new methodology approach for the technical-economical evaluation of alternative waste disposal methods by use of multicriteria analysis

Aravossis, Konstantin G. ; Anagnostopoulos, P. ; Koungolos, Ath. ; Vliamos, Spyros (2001)


This study focuses on the development of a new methodology for the selection of the best solution for municipal solid wastes disposal, after evaluating all the important factors, including economical, social and environmental ones. The outcomes of the developed model include a data combination of these factors and of the degree to which each involved group of people may influence the decision making. The main purpose of this methodology is to minimise the subjectivity of choosing the best solution, which is achieved by making sensitivity analysis, at the only variable element in the procedure of decision making, which is the relative weight of each involved group’s influence. The methodology application shows that the relative weight given to each involved group has a direct influence on the total grading of the suggested solutions.

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