Multicultural Nursing Education in a Multicultural Society

Pavlakis, Andreas ; Leondiou, Ioannis (2014)


Backround: The development of the modern field of care requires scientifically-based knowledge and responsibility on behalf of nurses in order to be able to respond effectively to existing conditions. Health professionals have a key role in the modern social structure with the overarching goal of optimizing the health status of citizens. Therefore, in determining the shape of society certain factors should be examined. These include cultural, political, economic, environmental, behavioral and psychological. Aim: This study aimed in identifying the significant role of nurses in Cyprus concerning the care to be provided among people of various nationalities, religion groups, immigrants and minorities. Methods: This literature review study was carried during August - October 2012. Various electronc data resources were investigated without any particular selection criteria. Most important data were those obtained by the Statistical Service of the Planning Bureau of the Republic of Cyprus. Results: The study gives the importance of a cross-cultural approach while providing holistic and individualized care to patients and briefly summarizes the existing situation in Cyprus. Furthermore, it designates the importance of introducing or further expansion of nursing education accordingly to multiculturism and provision of nursing care for the benefit of the Health status of the population. Conclusions: The phenomenon of a cross-cultural approach is of great importance in the areas of nursing education, policy and research and enables nurses, among other health professionals to perform their duties in multicultural environments and meet the needs of patients from different cultures. Further studies and comprehensive research is advised to obtain valid and concrete data on the existing situation and the impact on the health services.

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