Irrigation of infrastructure projects of Egnatia Motorway: Implementation study of irrigation network of K4 Interchange

Stathakopoulos, Ioannis ; Georgi, Neratzia Julia ; Prosiniklis, Nikolaos (2015)


The large construction projects cause inevitable negative impact on the natural landscape of the exposed areas. Among these is the creation of disturbed surfaces with unsuitable soil material and gradients that imply the destruction of existing vegetation. On these surfaces the revegetation becomes both necessary and difficult. In the Egnatia Motorway and its vertical axes case where the highway passes through rich areas of endemic flora and unique natural beauty, the restoration and aesthetic improvement of disturbed slopes is significant. It requires the use of native plant species of the local flora, which will be integrated into the natural landscape and adapted better with a minimum of maintenance requirements on local soil conditions and irrigation network for the optimal plant growth. The case of K4 interchange in Thessaloniki is the practical application of measures that EGNATIA ODOS S.A. has designated for rehabilitation and aesthetic improvement of the urban landscape. The success of these projects largely is based on premium designed and well-constructed drip irrigation network.

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