Landscape Evaluation for an Urban Park in Athens

Georgi, Neratzia Julia ; Serifi, Olga (2005)


This paper demonstrate the current situation of the urban park (Pedio Areos) in the centre of Athens and deals with its management issues. Two major problems are the daily maintenance and safety. As it is known, parks offer a locality where the city dwellers might achieve the objectives of a relaxing and pleasant process, such as walk in safety, cycle, enjoy the nature, sunbath and their children play safely as well. All these can be accomplished with assumption that the park proper designed and organized. Landscape Design is essential to a synthesis of the climate, geography, culture, history, and physical design fields. It is based on "cultural climate" that creates variety and originality of urban views and landscape. The analysis of the structure of regional landscape focuses on the mutual relations between urban structures and natural features. They give new aesthetic design concepts to civic and landscape design. Some of the results, of the research, also illustrate that people need to spend their free time in a more colourful, natural, aesthetic environment, with variation of landscapes. Following the examination of questionnaires, the designer is given the possibility to take into account the views of users and combining them with his personal identity, be able to create an appropriate master plan of the external area and a detailed design.

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