Liquid Waste Management Practises for Addressing Salinity Problems When Irrigating Urban Green Areas-Guidelines for Landascaping

Georgi, Neratzia Julia ; Stathakopoulos, J. E. ; Pelagos, D. H. (2005)


The use for scheduling irrigations and for determining water allotments for landscapes is being adopted by water purveyors, agencies, landscape architects, and maintenance personnel. The needs of the dry and hot areas of the Mediterranean, like Greece, in water and especially irrigation water are huge, while water reservoirs are less each year. Therefore the proper management of processed liquid urban and industrial waste, coming mainly from industries processing agricultural products, provides an additional water supply to the conventional ones, which can be used in urban green open spaces in Greece. A problem occurring because of irrigation is also soil salinity. To address this problem we can use water from liquid waste processing, thus adding another water supply to our options for irrigating the urban green areas, and reducing the pollution that may occur from channelling this water to various natural receptors.

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